Importance of Pow wows

Posted: June 8, 2020

Nipniku's  May 08, 2020

This week, Elder Donna Augustine speaks about Powwows. She shares with us how they are an important part of her Mi’kmaq culture and other First Nation cultures. She teaches us to respect the dancers and their regalia. Elder Donna also lets us know that everyone, Indigenous and nonIndigenous are invited and welcomed to share in the beauty, fun and kindness of Powwows. There are many Powwows held throughout Turtle Island. Have you ever been to one? During past school years the students in ASD-N participated in a Powwow; these were called Mawiomis. What do you remember about those Powwows? Watch the video to hear Elder Donna speak and learn more about the traditions of Powwow.

In the video we hear Elder Donna share with us some important facts about Powwows and the representation of certain dances and why things are done in a specific way. She wants us to remember that the dancers dress in regalia, this is a specific type of traditional clothing and not a costume because it represents who the Indigenous people truly are. She tells us about the Grand Entry and how they have specific songs to honour the flags, the veteran and the different dancers. We learn from her that Grass Dancers are the first ones on the grounds to make sure that the area is safe for all dancers. The reason Men’s Traditional dancers go out first during Grand Entry is because they represent the hunters and Jingle Dress dancers are medicine and they do a healing dance for those in need. The one thing that connects people throughout all different cultures in the world is the drum beat and dance. Using appropriate sources, research and learn more about Powwows or the culture of your own family or another culture that interest you. Learn about the different types of dancing and what they represent. Share some interesting facts you learned with your family, friends and us at ASD-N.