School Profile

North & South Esk Regional High is a rural school that has a unique and supportive relationship with the community it serves.  It is an educational institution that has gained recognition for its quality standards in education.

NSER is a grades 7 - 12 school with a student population in September  2013 of 243 students.  Students feed into NSER primarily from North & South Esk Elementary (NSEE) and from the Metepenagiag Federal School.  The First Nation enrollment in September  2013 is 37 (Red Bank -31; Eel Ground -6).  The staffing allotment for 2013 consists of  19 FTE's, 3 Educational Assistants, 1 Administrative Assistant, .5 Library Assistant, and 4 Custodians.  Support Services for Red Bank First Nations students are provided through the Metepenagiag Office for an Intervention Teacher, a First Nation Teacher Assistant, and an Intervention Worker.

Teaming, common planning time and block scheduling exists in the grades 7 and 8. The High School program consists of levels 2 and 3 courses in grade 11 & 12.   Independent Study and Advanced Placement courses are also offered through Distance Education.

We will operate on a six-period day.  Both Middle School and High School will utilize the maximum instructional hours as outlined by Provincial Guidelines; five and one half-hours per day at the Middle Level and six hours per day at the High School Level.  

Methods and Resource assistance is available for students in grades 7-12 with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy.

The Positive Learning Environment Committee exists for all students grades 7 through 12.  This committee follows Provincial Policy 703 in conjunction with the school’s Step Guidelines. 

The school will incorporate the provincial directives in expanding vocational exposure for students. The school will continue to foster and expand the use of technology by both staff and students as a learning and teaching tool.  The appropriate use of electronic resources for research and educational purposes will be highlighted.

School Hours: 

8:10 Teachers in their classroom areas
8:20  First Bell - Students move to homeroom
8:25  O Canada / Announcements
8:35-9:35  Period 1
9:37-10:37 Period 2
10:37-10:45 Break
10:45-11:45 Period 3
11:45-12:30 Lunch
12:35-1:35 Period 4

1:35-2:05 - Study Hall
2:10-3:10 Period 6

*Students have 2 minutes travel time between classes



40 NorthWest Road
Sunny Corner, NB

Contact Information: 

Principal: Mr. Dean Mutch

Telephone: (506)836-7000
Fax: (506)836-7002

Vice Principal: Angela Murphy

Administrative Assistant: Brenda Whitney

French Immersion: 
Not Available