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Posted: June 8, 2020

We did it Cobras! This is our last week of home learning! Keep reading 30 minutes per day and continue working on The Outsiders Magazine. We would love for you to send us anything that you have worked on while at home (even assignments not related to The Outsiders). You can email your work to either or

Also, we are going to try another Microsoft Teams meeting this Thursday @ 2pm so check your school email for the invitation. We are going to have a little activity to do this time and we may even give out some prizes! We really enjoyed seeing everyone on Thursday and we hope to connect with even more of you this week!

Have a great week and see you Thursday!!


An email has been sent to all of you...please rsvp and then join us tomorrow at 2pm! 

We had some technical difficulties...let's try this again (with a much shorter version)! 

Hi Cobras! The school sure feels empty and quiet without you all! Mrs. Holmes and I decided to make a little video so be sure to check it out! This week we want you to keep reading daily, continue working on your magazine project and to write a paragraph about each of the "Would You Rather?" questions below. 


1. Would you out of toothpaste or toilet paper?

2. Would you rather...have one friend you can spend all of your time with or a group of friends you can see once a month?

3. Would you only netflix or only youtube?

4. Would you rather...spend one week in your room without your phone or one week in room with your phone but your entire family has to stay there too?

5. Would you rather live to be 200 and look like it or look 22 for your entire life but only live until you're 65 years old?

6. Would you rather eat out at restaurants (like we did before) or go the movie theatre?

7. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the smartest?


8. Would you rather be able to detect other people's lies or get away with every lie you tell?


Also, we would like to meet together this Thursday @ 2pm. Please send me your email so we can be sure to add you to our teams list! 

Have a great week and see you Thursday!

This week we would like you to continue working on the Outsiders Magazine and ready daily. Also, we want you to choose a picture (or pictures) that are especially meaningful to you during this time and explain to us why you chose that particular picture or pictures. Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather!


Hi Cobras! The activities in the latest ASDN STEAM Newsletter are perfect for this week because the weather forecast is beautiful! Get outdoors and get creative in nature!

PDF icon asdn_weekly_steam_issue_8.pdf807.84 KB

Read any good books lately? Watched any good shows/movies? This week, we would love to hear your thoughts about books and/or shows you are watching. Start with a brief summary and then give a review stating whether you would recommend it to a friend.

I haven't been reading many books but I have been reading a lot of articles about visual spatial learners. One third of students are primarily visual spatial learners and many struggle with school because they are not taught the way they were born to learn. My hope is that I can learn as much as I can about different type of learners so that I will be a better teacher when I return to the classroom! 

My favorite show on TV right now is "Songland". This reality series showcases songwriters trying to break into the music industry. They are from all parts of the world and range in ages from teenagers to older adults. Most of them are fantastic singers as well but have realized how difficult it is to become a singer or are too shy to go that route, so they write songs for other famous musicians to produce. Each week these songwriters perform their song for three very talented producers in the music biz and a famous artist/band. The show highlights 4 different songwriters and the musicians(s) pick 3 to move to the next level. The three songwriters chosen get to spend one week with one of the producers so that they can make improvements, etc. At the end, the songwriters perform their songs again and the famous artist chooses one to record. Once the show airs, those famous musicians/bands release their new single to spotify, etc. 

I love this show because it allows regular people to showcase their talents. It also dives deep into the music industry and shows the process that goes behind producing hit songs. I really enjoy seeing the personalities and talents of famous musicians/bands such as Meghan Trainor, Jonas Brothers, Lady Antebellum, (etc.)...I have gained more respect for these artists because they are so unbelievably talented! And finally I love getting to see how these songs first began and then their final product once they are released. One of my favorite songs is the new Lady Antebellum song "Champagne Nights" and I love "Sway" by Luis Fonsi because it makes me dream of summer! I highly recommend this show...especially if you enjoy music!


Remember to keep reading and continue working on the magazine. We would love to see what you're working on and give you some feedback! Have a great week!






Hi Cobras! Hope you had a fabulous long weekend! This week's edition of the ASD-N STEAM Newsletter focusses on habitats...have fun learning new things and send me some pictures of those yummy snacks you make!

P.S. - We made elephant toothpaste but it didn't quite go as expected...we're going to try it again this week. (I might upload our blooper video though!)


PDF icon asdn_weekly_steam_issue_7.pdf722.17 KB

Hey Cobras! Please continue to ready daily 20-30 minutes and work on "The Outsiders" magazine project. In addition, we would like you to write your thoughts on being home schooled...pros, cons, do you prefer school at home or do you miss regular school life? 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us! Have a great week!

Here is another edition of the ASD-N STEAM Newsletter! My daughters and I have really enjoyed trying some of the activities suggested...hope you are learning some new things as well!

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