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Posted: April 19, 2018

1. Finish your ideal workplace assignment

2. Chatterhigh (check your email to see if there is a survey invitation)

3. Begin to work on your resume and cover letter (see attached documents)

4. Typing Lessons

Posted: April 18, 2018

Outcome 3.4 - students will explore the realities and requirements of various education, training, and work settings

Explore various workplace video tours on is external)

Go to is external) and complete 'Hunt for Hazards', 'Virtual Office', and 'Virtual Supermarket'. You can also do the 'Virtual Hotel' on your own.

Assessment - describe (either written or drawn as a picture) your ideal working conditions. What will your ideal workspace look like? What safty precautions have been taken? What comforts do you want included?

Posted: April 16, 2018

Complete and hand in your budget assignment.

When finished, look up a company that is located in Atlantic Canada, and answer the following questions:

1. What is the company's name?

2. What do they produce/what service do they offer?

3. Where are they located?

4. How many people do they employ?

5. a) If they produce goods, do they export to other countries? If so, what percentage of their products are sent to other places?

b) If they provide services, are the services available to to people of other countries? Why or why not?

Posted: April 12, 2018

To do in class today:

1. Chatterhigh Quiz

2. Finish career cruising skills assessment

3. Labour Market Information (see below)

4. Typing


Labour Market Information (LMI)

Search up what will be some in-demand occupations in the near future. Select 3 of these and provide a summary (chart, report, powerpoint, etc) of your career research. You can include topics such as:

  • education/training required for each occupation (length of training, nature of training, etc)
  • average salary
  • working conditions
  • reasons why the occuption is in or will be in high demand
  • anything else that you'd like to include

Posted: April 11, 2018

PDF icon chapter_10.pdf368.25 KB

Please complete the following steps to complete your assignment:

Step 1: Download the attach Excel file to your computer

Step 2: Fill in your name at the top of the sheet

Step 3: Type in the month that you want to budget for

Step 4: Look up the type of job that you want to have, and figure out what the monthly salary would be (weekly x 4, or annual/12). Will you have other income (tips, commissions, side sales)? Enter that information in the spot for income and excel will add it up for you.

Step 5: Fill in the various expenses. For home costs, find a house for rent that you would like to move to. You can do internet searches for the other associated costs.

Step 6: The workbook is already set up to calculate your total amounts. What is your discretionary income at the end of the month? Do you have money or do you owe money? If you have money, what will you do with it? If you owe money, how can you adjust that for the next month?

Step 7: When your sheet is finished, print it out and hand it in.

File budget_assignment.xlsx10.2 KB

Posted: March 29, 2018

PDCP Media Images Project

Using the videos we watched in class as a model and inspiration, please work alone, with a partner or in a group of 3 and complete one of the following (or create your own variation):


Toxic Media Takedown GRRRLZ!

You can do this in two ways:

Advertisement Analysis Poster:

Choose an advertisement from a magazine that depicts a woman posed in a vulnerable, sexualized or ridiculous way. Photocopy or photograph the image and overlay text that calls the image into question, drawing attention to the way that women are represented and how it impacts girls and women.


Photoshoot Poster:

Using an advertisement that uses an image of a woman depicted as weak, hyper-sexualized, or unrealistic, recreate the pose in a real-life environment and photograph it. Develop a caption that offers a critique of the way women are represented in the mainstream media.


Mighty Warrior Version:

Create a poster that represents womankind as healthy, capable and strong. Create an image and overlay a slogan for the image so that the message is clear.


Compassionate and Caring Dudes:

Choose any of the above ideas and create a poster that calls into question how men are represented in media. Or make an image that suggests a healthy, balanced alternative. It’s cool for guys to be caring!


Gender Bender Revolution:

Perhaps you want to look at the duality of gender as our society has traditionally defined it and call it into question. Create an image and slogan that do just that. Who wants to be put in a box anyways? Not me!

Posted: March 20, 2018

Theme of the project is from outcome 2.2: 

„Examine the skills needed to initiate, discuss, and negotiate sexual health and well-being
Possible Topics:
„How to set sexual boundaries
„Differentiation between consent and coercion
„How to articulate and consistently use safer sex practices
„Avoid or leave a situation that is unsettling or unsafe (trusting your gut)
„Conflict resolution
„How to access sexual health services (STI screening, for example)
„How to seek counselling and/or professional support
„Positive decision making

Methods of Representation
„Comic strip

Posted: March 16, 2018

This activity showcased our different multiple intelligences, as well as helping to identify what our hidden assumptions are.


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