Drama Festival Awards

Posted: May 16, 2017

We are very pleased to announce that several of our after school drama students received awards at the Drama Festival in Fredericton.  Congratulations everyone - what a great job!  Go Cobras!

Play - You're Driving Me Crazy
Denver Matchett    Outstanding Supporting Actor
Ally Matchett          Outstanding Supporting Actor
Emily Woods          Outstanding Supporting Actor
Carlene Miller         Outstanding Supporting Actor
Special Mention for Comedic Ensemble Acting
Special Mention for Tech Crew-Kyle Esty

Play - Oh Horrors! It's Murder!
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Teacher Director
Kathleen Dunn     Outstanding Actor
Katelyn Matchett  Outstanding Actor
Caylton Mullen     Outstanding Actor
Alex Flanagan      Outstanding Actor
Carlene Miller       Outstanding Supporting Actor
Rachel Blowers     Outstanding Supporting Actor
Special Award for Commitment and Focus   Amber Allison
Special Award for Collaboration and Improvisation
Outstanding Choice of Material