Middle and High Timetables

Posted: October 31, 2021

Good Afternoon

Beginning Monday November 1, NSER students will begin Home Learning/On Line Learning. Home Learning/Online Learning will continue until the work stoppage has been resolved.

Since we are a Grade 7-12 schools, things will look a little different for our middle school students, compared to our high school. For students in Gr. 7-8, learning packages sent home earlier in the school year will be used. Teachers will establish a daily check in/connection with students through the online platform both teachers and students have come to be familiar with - TEAMS. The regular classroom schedule may be followed. Teachers will communicate expectations with students based on internet connectivity. Additionally, teachers and administration can be contacted, via email, which are posted on the NSER website.

Families and students will have the opportunity to pick up essential items like books, school supplies, clothing, medications, etc. between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm Monday November 1. Please use the main entrance and follow all Public Health protocols.


Thank You


David Cripps - Principal