New Brunswick post-secondary institutions Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants.

Posted: April 27, 2020

Post-secondary Information for Grade 12 Students.
Personnel at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have communicated with four post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick and have gathered information to share with our Grade 12 students.
St. Thomas University Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants, 2020-21
All students currently holding an active offer of admission will be eligible to begin their studies in September.
 If students currently hold an active offer of admission, we will consider the documents submitted to date as final and as meeting our offer conditions.
 These students will not need to submit a final high school transcript.
For new applicants, STU will be looking for students to offer a minimum of a 70% average.
 This average is calculated based on five courses: English 122 (or English 121) and four other Grade 12 level courses from our list of acceptable academic electives. If a student was registered to take English 12 (or any of the other four required courses) during the second semester, we will be using their final grade in the Grade 11 version of that course.
 For example, if a student was enrolled in English 122 during the second semester, we will be using their English 112 grade in our admission average calculation. In most cases, students offer enough Grade 12 courses from the first semester of their Grade 12 year, combined with any Grade 12 coursework that they completed in Grade 11, for us to make an admission decision.
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Mount Allison University Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants, 2020-21
 All current offers of acceptance and scholarships will be honored.
 The university is very intent on supporting students bridge any gaps that may have resulted due to the alterations in current school programming.
 Mount Allison will contact each student with deferred admission to discuss individual options to meet admission requirements.
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University of New Brunswick Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants, 2020-21
 UNB will honour its offers of admission to date and provide pathways for upgrading where required.
 UNB will accept courses for which a CR has been assigned on high school transcripts for admission to its programs for Grade 12 students.
 Where an incoming student has an ENR recorded on the high school transcript in courses for which a CR is required, faculties will provide the following pathways for upgrading:
 CEL University Preparatory courses in English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math throughout the summer
 Alternative pathways for students with a fall start date (provided on a case-by-case basis)
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Crandall University Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants, 2020-21
 Crandall is currently accepting students into the Arts, Business, and Science programs based on their first semester Grade 12 marks, along with some grade 11 courses where needed. They will also accept high school university preparatory classes from students who have completed the current academic year as either enrolled or for credit.
 We also strongly recommend students interested in the Bachelor of Science program to complete their Grade 12 Biology and Grade 12 Chemistry, for credit, if available at their school.
 Crandall will continue to be flexible where possible and adapt to changing circumstances to remove any barriers to completion of the application or registration process.
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NBCC Entrance Requirements for Grade 12 applicants, 2020-21
Successful completion of High School remains as a basis for all admission profiles based on the approved definition from the province.
o All clients who were on grad track and expected to graduate based on their status in January 2020 will complete successfully and receive their High School Diploma.
 All NBCC Admission profile remain the same; however, due to COVID-19 we will be flexible when reviewing specific High School course requirements.
 Courses on the transcript showing as “ENR” or “CR” will be considered “successfully completed” with the assumption the student was not enrolled in a modified learning plan.
NBCC will be working with all our students to ensure they are well prepared for their program. Our NBCC team will be working on remedial and preparedness strategies to help accommodate our high school students during these challenging times.
NBCC’s goal is to remain accessible by adapting to the current environment and to provide flexible options for our clients while sharing a common goal: Client success in order to provide the marketplace with solutions that meet the socio- economic needs of New Brunswick.
For inquiries or more information visit our COVID-19 FAQ page at for answers and information pertaining to our services.
For those attending post-secondary institutions, participation in the English 12 credit option is recommended if offered at the school and the student is able to complete. Post-secondary partners have indicated they will support flexibility or offer university prep/remediation courses for students to enter their programs who had ENR for English 12. It is recommended families reach out to other post-secondary institution admissions office to clarify requirements. If it is identified that a student needs an English 12 credit but cannot currently access it, please reach out to Joan MacMillan at to discuss options available.
Early Access to Post-secondary Credit
For students on track to graduate in June 2020 and have been accepted to attend STU, UNB and Mount A, they will be permitted to start university level courses towards their degree, during this current spring and summer session. This would be concurrent with their obligations to complete the public-school year as currently being offered under the continuity of learning plan and would require parental consent.
Once enrolled in these courses, students of the public education system would be obliged to abide by any policies or requirements of the university offering the course.
It is understood that the student will be responsible for any related fees, including tuition, and supporting technology.
Please reach out to your University for more details.
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