Pie in the Face!

Posted: February 9, 2017

Hey NSER, listen to this!!  Have you ever wanted to throw a pie at a teacher and not get in trouble?  Well here’s your chance!  After-School drama is have a “PIE in the FACE” fundraiser!  In the lobby and in the cafeteria you will find milk cartons with names on them….pick the person you would like to see get a pie (a real pie) in the face and drop some money into that carton.  In the end, the people with the most money collected will get a pie in the face!!

You can choose from Mr. Mutch, Ms. Murphy, Mrs. Ward-Cain, Mrs. Holmes, Mr. Wilson, Ms. Verner, Mrs. Carney or Paula Matchett…..PLUS, our student council executive have agreed to participate as well, so look for Jimmy Lawlor, Seth Corner or Kathleen Dunn!!

Want to be the one who throws the pie?  You can buy tickets to have your name entered to be the pie-thrower too.  Tickets are 50 cents each or get three tickets for one dollar!  Fundraiser will start today and go until March 1.  Pies will fly on March 2nd at noon!!

So support our drama students by breaking open your piggy banks and filling those cartons!!!  NSER’s PIE in the FACE fundraiser!!