POW WOW this Friday!

Posted: May 10, 2022

NSER will be hosting TWO Pow Wow's next Friday, May 13th. The Pow Wow in the morning is for elementary schools and the one in the afternoon will be the one NSER will attend.  Students and staff are to be seated before 12:45 for the Grand Entry.  This will be an all afternoon event jammed packed with some great traditional dancers, story-telling, games and drumming.
The Host drum is from Wabanaki Confederacy, the lead female dancer is Kyana Kingbird, who recently danced at a Toronto Raptors game and the lead male dancer is Logen Lewis.  NSER's Drumming group will also be showing off their hard work and talent throughout the Pow Wow as well.  Peter Watson, Braydon Gorman, Max Anderson and Liam Watson (Reminder to mark them as School Activity for the day)
Community members and guests are also invited to attend the afternoon Pow Wow so spread the word!! 
Also, a huge shout out to Liam Watson who has been working super hard with organizing this event.