Young Entrepreneurs

Posted: April 3, 2018

POWER PLAY - Grade 7 - Young Entrepreneurs

On Friday, March 2nd, grade seven students at North and South Esk Regional High School hosted their first ever “Young Entrepreneur Showcase”. This cross-curricular program was delivered in only 16 classrooms across NB and 2 of those rooms were at NSER. Teachers Troy Cabel and Elaine Foran walked the students through the motions of becoming a real young entrepreneur by creating a product, developing a detailed business plan, money plan and        developing their marketing skills.The showcase was a huge success with 85% of the students completely selling out of their product. 
Once the students paid back their loans, they then donated 10% of their profit to a charity that was decided upon between the two classes. It was decided that the charity would be local and benefit  the surrounding areas of the school. A cheque was presented to the “Cobras Care” initiative in the amount of $120. The money will go towards adopting a family at Christmas, paying sports fees or any way of helping out a fellow Cobra.