Grade 113 Week 8 May 25-29/2020

Posted: May 25, 2020

Grade 113  Period 4 and 5                                          Week 8 May 25-29/2020

English 113


Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)  -  Using material of your choice, read silently for approximately 20 minutes per day (Feel free to reading longer if you so desire).  You can read a novel, essay, magazine, news article, etc.  These can be either in print or e-copy.  After completing the reading, you can fill in a reflection on the sheet attached to this post or on loose-leaf.  This is the same thing we did to begin each class during first semester. 


Essay Writing Unit.  Select a topic you are passionate about.  Write an essay about that topic which shows the reader you have significant knowledge on the topic and are enthusiastic about it

History 113

View the following videos over the course of this week.  We are currently in the World War One Unit.


Answer the questions below:

A.    What were Wilson’s Fourteen Points and why were they important?

B.    What was the Treaty of Versailles?

C.    What was German reaction to the peace treaty?