Posted: January 18, 2018

Saint Marys University will be holding a Marine Mammal Sumemr Camp in August, from the 4th to the 13th.  This is an excellent opportunity fior students to explore the diversity of marine mammals, as well as to conduct scientific reasearch.  The cost of this camp is $1.500 per student (some financial assisitance may be available) and the deadline for applications is April 6, 2018.  For more information or to apply go to,



The 59th Annual Royal Canadian Legion Youth Leadership Training Camp will be held at Mount Allison University from July 8-15, 2018.  This is a co-ed is camp sponsored by The Royal Canadian Legion, New Brunswick Command and is open to Grade 10 and 11 students of New Brunswick.  The 8 day camp is designed to teach leadership and organization, through sport and activities.  

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Posted: January 9, 2018

The Canadian Mental Health Association will be hosting a course on self-esteem in early February.  This course will provide participants with the tools to help build self-esteem and will include such topics as "What is low self esteem?" and "Accepting yourself". Sessions begin on February 5th, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at NBCC Miramichi.  For more information or to register, caontact Julie at 773-7561 or at

Posted: December 11, 2017

Students in Grades 9 and 10 who are interested in improving their French Second Language skills are invited to apply for the Summer French Camp at Universite de Moncton.  This program runs from July 1st to July 27th and bursaries are available for interested students.  For more information students can see Mrs. Carney or Mrs.Ward-Cain, or they cn visit

Posted: October 31, 2017

Are you 15 to 19 years old and interested in Canadian politics?  If so, apply for the Forum for Young Canadians program.  This program gives students the opportunity to visit Ottawa for one week of academic adventure. Students have the opportunity meet the poeple involved in national politics and gain a better understanding of the decision making process in Canada.  There are three sessions available to students: January 28 to February 2; February 19 to 24; and March 18-23.  For more information or to apply got to

An Online Dating Relationship educational awareness presentation and informal discussion will be taking place on Thursday October 26th from 6-8 pm in lecture theatre 1125 at NBCC Miramichi. This presentation/discussion is geared towards both parents and youth and is open to the public FREE of charge and refreshments will be provided as well as information packages with useful resources related to online safety. Some of the topics being covered within the presentation will be as followed:

- Signs of an Un-Healthy Online Relationship 
- Cyberbullying
- Sexting
- Online Grooming
- Consent in Canada

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica at 778-6496

Posted: October 16, 2017

Sexual Health Services are available at NSER every second Monday, from 9:30 to 11:00.  Services are located in the Health Services Room, on the second floor.  Some of the services offered include:

-sexual health counselling (safer sex practices, healthy relationships)

-birth control information

-pregnancy tests and counselling and support

-sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment

Text 626-3609 or call 778-6107 for more information or to book and appointment

Posted: October 11, 2017

The Canadian Mental Health Association will be sponsoring "Your Greatest Self", a group course facilitating positive mental health, self-esteem, and problem solving skills.  This course will begin on October 22, at 6:00 at NBCC Miramichi.  For more information or to register, contact Julie at 506-773-7561 or via email at

Posted: September 20, 2017

Shad Valley is a STEAM based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) summer program offering students the opportunity to expand a student's understanding of the role of STEAM topics through real world projects.  A typical day at Shad includes classroom activities, field trips, and outdoor and recreational activities.  Students live in residence at one of the many SHAD host university campuses.  The cost of the program is $5,500.00 and financial assistance is available. The SHAD 2018 program takes place from July 1st to 27th, and is open to students in Grades 10 to 12.  The deadline for applications is November 20, 2017.  For more information or to apply, visit (link is external).

Posted: September 14, 2017

Interested in a career in law enforcement? The RCMP is offering 32 students from across Canada the opportunity to experience a week of RCMP training.  Two students will be selected from New Brunswick to attend this session, from November 6th to 10th, 2017. For more information or to apply, see Mrs. Ward-Cain.  Deadline for applications is September 22.

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