Attention Grads in Theatre Arts!!

Posted: June 3, 2020

I am going to attempt a grad/theatre arts final video of you all singing the song "Don't Stop Believin'"  You will see the Kararoke version loaded up.  Simply record a video with you singing the entire song.  Don't panic, the video will only have a few people soloing, but I want to have you all singing together with all your individual video on the screen at the same time.  So, here is what you need to do....

1. Get the song.  You have to use the song I upload so we all use the same one.

2. Video yourself with your phone horizontal (on it's side).

3. Sing with ear buds with a mic capability (or airpods).

4. Your video resolution should be set at 1080.

I have someone who will help me with this video and these are his suggestions so that all video look and sound similar.  

Finally, I need these ASAP!!  We all know this song, so go over it a few times and get it done please.  I would like to have your video by Monday morning, June 8th so that will give me time to make the video.

This will be a great keepsake for you even though things are not normal this year for your graduation.  I hope to get your video soon!!